Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wondering Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

We were wondering and would like to hear opinions. We have both canned and pouched stinky goodness here. We really don't care what brand, well most of the time, we will eat most of it if we feel like it.

What we wanted to know is what do other kitties prefer? Canned or pouched? And if canned, how much a day do you get? We are not sure on if canned food once opened, does it go in the fridge or left out and with a plastic cover on it? We get about a fourth of a can at a time during the day, so can have anywhere from 1 to 2 cans a day depending on how hungry we are or how dried out and icky we can make the stinky goodness look, hehe.

Stinky goodness? You got it? Where? GIMMIE!!

Temptation loves to all!!


PS. Mommy says her bookmark for kitty blogs is at ummmmm...welll... almost 300! Mommy has no life at work, haha.


Sophie!!!!! said...

HI!!! I ARE SOPHIE!!!! I JUST gottid yore comment on the blog I did with my BRUTHER and I wanted to come tell yoo, Dexter, that I LOVE POPCORN!!!! The nyce laydee does not yooz REEL butter, but she yoozes this REELY GRATE BUTTER IN A SPRAY BOTTLE AND SOMETIMES I LIK THE BOTTLE BECUZ IT IS SO SO GOOD!!!!!!

As yoo may have gest, I LOVE ALL FOODS so I will eet any kind of foods. But I love the WET FOODS the BEST!!! My bruther and I get half a can of FRISKEEZ EACH!!!! TWO TIMES evary day. But beefore I kaym to live with the nyce laydee, she would put the can back into the fridge with a can cover on it!!!

I HOPE THIS ANSURS YORE KWESCHINS!!!! Thank yoo for visiting my bruther's blog!!!!!

Kaz's Cats said...

We eat prescription foods here, along with the odd tidbit from Mum's plate. I (Gypsy) have to eat Royal Canin Renal diet because my kidneys don't work so good. There are pouches and dry food, so is my official diet.

I (Tasha) am supposed to eat only Royal Canin Dental diet, to keep my teeth clean, and this only comes in dry food. However, Mum supplements this with stinky goodness very occasionally (although she's not supposed to do this).

We do sneak bit of each other's food when we get a chance, because the food from someone else's plate always tastes better.


Gypsy & Tasha

Captain Jack and Sir Dante said...

We get stinky goodness for a treat. Usually we get something like a can of Fancy Feast (the smaller Elegant Medleys can)that Mommy splits between us so we eat that can in one meal. When Jack was put on W/D prescription diet we got about 1/4th of a can each at one feeding and Mommy would put a cover on the can and put it into the fridge til next time. We've never had the puch food so we are not sure about that...

Fat Eric said...

Hi there. Nice to meet you. Come over and visit me some time. I am a plus-sized ginger kitty blogging in London, UK. Your ginger sibling should join my gorgeous gingers gang.

RE: Food. I used to get dry food and two small helpings of wet food (half a pouch was one helping) per day. Because I was supposed to be dieting. But last year I got diabetes and dry food is very bad for diabetic cats so I can't ever have dry food again. Now I have all stinky goodness, and I don't mind at all!! Because I love all food. I have a special brand of wet food called Butchers Classic and it only comes in cans, large cans. I have about three-quarters of a can a day, split into several small meals. I have been gradually losing weight on this diet and my diabetes is under great control. So it must be good!

Big purrs from Fat Eric.

The Meezers said...

Hi efurryone! It's nice to meet you!

we get 1/2 can of fancy feast 2 times a day. Sammy usually does not eat all of his stinky goodness so mommy is ::gasp:: considering cutting us down to 1 can of fancy feast a day. YIKES!!


Beezer said...

Mostly I eat dry crunchy food. But, I get one can of 9lives or friskies a week divided into 4 dinners. She covers and refrigerates the rest for the next meal. Then she mixes a little hot water with the cold food so that its like a gravy. Mmmmm gravy!

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

I have a feeder so I have crunchy food on demand. I get canned food for dinner. We tried pouches once, but I did not like and would not eat. Currently I am eating Sheba, which comes in 2.8 oz cans. I get the whole can, but I only eat about half. Then I leave the rest and usually have it later for a midnight snack. Anything I do not eat gets thrown out in the morning.

Bigger cans are a waste for me, because even if you cover and refrigerate it, I will not eat something after it has been opened and stored.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Sadie and I are da only ones who eat canned food, Zippy only likes her crunchies and bean food. Mom feeds us a half a can of Friskies in da morning and den puts one of dem can covers on it and puts it in da fridge. Sadie eats a few mouthfuls den I finish it off. Da next morning mom puts da other half on a plate, mushes it around and puts it in da microwave for 15 seconds den mushes it around again and we repeat da ritual of Sadie eating a few bites and me finishing it off...~Speedy

Chance said...

Hewwo! I dunna no what my Mommie duz wit da res of my stinky gudness. Iz too bizzy eetin to sees. Buts I willna eets it if itz cold.


The Crew said...

Hi everyone, glad to meet you. Welcome to our cat blogging community. Stop over and see us.

We don't get stinky goodness (canned food) but we have dry Iam's out all the time so we eat when we want to. Once in a while Mom will break down & give us pouch food. Once a pouch or can is opened, it must be refrigerated.

Artsy Catsy said...

Hi there Boots & everybody! We're very spoiled here, at least that's what my mom says. She makes us homemade chicken catfood (the recipe is on our blog) but she mixes it with a little stinky goodness sometimes. She used to make the homemade food for us as a sometimes treat, but after two of us got very sick from the tainted commercial cat food last year, she started making us homemade food as a steady diet.

I also insist on some dry kibble a couple of times a day, but I'm the only kitty here who likes it.