Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Us, Addicts? Naaaa.....

Today was a free day for mommy, so she went and got some "stuff" ya know the good primo ohh my goddddd "stuff". It was on sale, so that was a good thing, but there were only 2 of them, and in a 3 kitty house, 2 isn't good! But some of us share, and one of us doesn't very well, so all is good.

Mommy's battery in the camera was dying so this is all she was able to get of us enjoying the "stuff". She also finally!! pulled out our fevers!! She has had them in the closet and always forgets to get them out. Now, we can destroy it and make her get a replacement, haha.

This is my perfect, 'move the flashy box or I will leave a bad "present" on the quilt' look. I have done it in the past, mommy knows that, that is why there is a sheet over the quilt.

So, on to the ohhh so primo NIP!! Mommy never bought me nip before, the grandbeans figured, the kitties won't play with that, why buy it. Pffttt, silly grandbeans! They said the same thing about Temptations, and yeah, we proved them wrong! haha! So, mommy was looking for the nip bananas and they were out of them, grr. First the woman thought we were looking for banana flavoured nip, eww bluckie! Mommy finally convinced them, no a toy shaped like a banana filled with nip...ohh...we are out. But we do have these candy canes from the same place, on sale. That was a key word, sale. Never can resist a sale mommy can't. So we got 2 nip candy canes!

"Must attack and rip apart"

Boots going in for the loot.

Now, this is how to spend a Tuesday!

One more action shot before the day is over.

And this, is why mommy has a sheet over the bed. She isn't sure exactly what the spot is, keep her guessing we will..hehe.

A technical note.... mommy isn't sure how to get everyone's blog links on the blog, she visits from her del.icio.us bookmark page from work. She really thinks people would think she was nuts if they knew exactly how many blogs by kitties and woofies and other furbabies that she reads.

Temptation loves to all!!!



Java's Coffee House said...

My mommys last kitty left spots like that for her and she never figured out what they were, maybe it's slobbers.

Kaz's Cats said...

Great toys and nip, and on a Tuesday - we're a little jealous 'cos don't usually get mid-week treats.


Gypsy & Tasha