Sunday, June 1, 2008

Stealing Sunday

Call the police! Get PETA on the phone! I have been robbed!!!

I used to be nice and furry and fluffy and ohhh so cute, see.

And then one day mommy got this "great" idea to make me feel better for the summer. I get shoved into the PTU stuffed into the big metal box, and then..ohh lord..the things they did to me, the torment. And you know what mommy did? She LEFTED ME! She just up and dumped me with these agents of evil and left!! ARGG! I came home and this is what I look like now!

Note the back of disdain? I am perfecting it lately, giving mommy the evil look, ignoring even temptations! I am going to sit out here and plot my downfall of all mommys and daddys who think that this is a "great look for summer" for us nice and fluffy kitties!

Temptation Love to All!!!!