Friday, December 19, 2008

Secret Paws waiting....

umm..hey, you, lady, the woman called "mom"

Going to mail those boxes to our Secret Paws anytime ohhhh before Valentine's Day???

sheese, can't get good help these days.


Friday, October 17, 2008

We are back, sorta

Well, after mommy did a whole lot of nuthin this summer and finally got a jobbie she likes we are now kinda sorta back to posting.

More later

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Stealing Sunday

Call the police! Get PETA on the phone! I have been robbed!!!

I used to be nice and furry and fluffy and ohhh so cute, see.

And then one day mommy got this "great" idea to make me feel better for the summer. I get shoved into the PTU stuffed into the big metal box, and then..ohh lord..the things they did to me, the torment. And you know what mommy did? She LEFTED ME! She just up and dumped me with these agents of evil and left!! ARGG! I came home and this is what I look like now!

Note the back of disdain? I am perfecting it lately, giving mommy the evil look, ignoring even temptations! I am going to sit out here and plot my downfall of all mommys and daddys who think that this is a "great look for summer" for us nice and fluffy kitties!

Temptation Love to All!!!!


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tabby Tuesday

Well, the one good thing mommy did when she was "busy" was take lots and lots of pictures of us! So, we guess we can forgive her a bit since that should cut down the flashy box being stuck in our face time for the next few weeks.

For the summer look, we are doing the lighter color of the Tabby Tummy Toes and Twenty Winks for today.

Also, our internets are slow today and we don't think the paws can work the plugs on the router.

Temptation Loves to All!!!!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We are still alive!

Hellooooo world!!!

We are still alive and kicking! Mommy has been, cough cough..."busy with life", her words, we just think she is lazy! We will try to get our staff to do a better job and hopefully get some photos up tonight!

Temptation Loves to All!!!!


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What's Up Woofie Wednesday

Is the Woofie in Jail? Will the Woofie be bailed out?? Did the Woofie make a good mugshot? Tune in next time on.....As The Woofie Turns...

Temptation Loves to All!!!!!


Monday, April 7, 2008

Meatloaf Mancat

Mancat does IKEA

Mancats are comfy on floofy pink featherbeds.

Temptation Loves to All!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Temptation Loves to All!!!!!!


Monday, March 31, 2008

Mechanic Monday

Who says only mancats can wear the pants in the house? Here I am helping mommy with her car.

Yep, you were right mommy, need more washer fluid.

Is the battery okie?

It all looks good, I am off to find a nice sunny spot to nap in.

**She did not get into anything in the car, I didn't add anything until she was inside**

Temptation Loves to All!!!!


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday..Woofie Wear?

What is the Woofie wearing?

Temptation Loves to All!!!!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tabby Tuesday

We are sorry this is late, mommy got hit by allergy/headcold today so she is a bit thankful she has a whole Tabby Tummy; Toes; Tail; Tonsils post in one photo! A rare happening to DeeDee not staying still for long.

And this one is to show how flexible I really am, I might be "round" but I can still put my foot above my head, hehe.

Temptation Loves to All!!!!


Saturday, March 22, 2008

WildCats and Jayhawks, ohhh my!

All this "March Madness" stuff has us confuzzled. Bulldogs, Mountaineers, Jayhawks, Wildcats, what is all this stuff? We have Wildcats and Badgers playing with a big ball right now, and later, Jayhawks and some Rebels will be doing the same thing. We don't have any Badgers in the house but we did find a photo of some.

Okie, so except for them claws, we think that the Wildcats can take it right? Mean, who would want to see this coming at them hrm?

Or this....

We think we make pretty good "Wildcats" we can flop on them and show them our fierce teeth!

The other stuff today, Jayhawks and Running Rebels. We still aren't sure about. We mean, which looks fiercer, This....

A big fuzzy bird with shoes???

Or this....

hrm.. We aren't sure on that one. That bird does look a bit shifty though.

We are off to snuggle under the half made bed that mommy forgot, hehe.

Temptation Loves to All!!!!!


Friday, March 21, 2008

Found Flashy Friday

Crap on a cracker!! Mommy got the flashy box out and stuffed it in our faces again. So, we thought we would give mommy a whole photoshoot of what should be deleted photos, but does she do that? Nooo...she gets back at us and makes us put them on our blog...grrr.

Our not movie worthy photos.... We are NOT ready for our closeup Mr. DeMille!

I mean it!! Look at those! She had to get a shot of me with my mouth opened! That is not lady like, and grr, she got my tarters in there! Does this mean I need a trip to the V-E-T?! dang mommy

Fine, okie lady. Ya got a shot of my toes, happy now? Now everyone knows I have cankles!! GRRRR. you are not scoring brownie points with us mommy!!!

Hey, I learned! Don't show the toes, the tail or the tummy when the flashybox is out. Look down, don't make eye contact, no sudden movements and she goes away, hehe

Temptation Loves to All!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

Well, it was going to be wordless, but then mommy realized we never showed the end of the flashy box vacation tease.

It was going to be "fishy friday" but mommy went to see some guy named "BRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEE" and she didn't come home till late and didn't have a voice. We were wondering if she can see this guy again if it keeps her from grumbling at us?

So, here is what was going to be "Fishy Friday"

And then, this was going to be "Sea Ya Saturday" but mommy again lefted us!!! and went out with friends..grrr.

If You biggify it, there was another clue in there.

Sunday, was going to be "Solved Sunday" but the big hot box in the basement died, and we spent to day covered up with the warm blankets and not moving. Monday we got a new hot box in the basement, and then we came back in after all the strangers left. Mommy got grumbling with us again cause we got in the mud and we had to get all of our tummies washed. Dexter whined like a baby, hehe.

So here is "Solved Sunday"

We will try to find more flashybox vaca photos this week and show them to everyone, saves the flashbox from getting pointed in our faces, hehe.

Temptation Loves to All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tabby Toesday

Freckled toes.... We think the woofie needs a mani/pedi.

Fluffy ohhh so white and sweet toes......

Buff and tan manly mancat toes.......

DeeDee would not sit still for her toesday photoshoot, but we have Tabby Tuesday Toe cleaning for the stockpile....

I am outta here..............

Temptation Loves to All!!!!!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Clues

Okie, here is another photo of our flashy box's vacation. We figure if we post the really obvious photos, it will not give mommy a reason to type for us while we sleep. So, here is another "oil bubble" that is a clue too. hehe.

Okie, this one, might give it away.

Temptation Loves to All!!!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where Were We Wednesday?

Well, we really didn't go anywhere. Our flashy box took a vacation with the grandbeans and mommy took that as a sign to not dig into our photo stash but to save it for later times.

So, this is a clue as to where our flashy box took it's vacation.

Any guesses? We will post more pictures later and we might even let mommy follow us around with the flashy box again.

Temptation Loves to All!!!!


Friday, February 29, 2008

Freckled Fruitbat Friday

We know this isn't a traditional fruit bat Friday pose, but mommy saw the woofie laying like this yesterday and couldn't resist finding the flashy box. She is in semi fruit bat pose.

Temptation Loves to All!!!!


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wordless Wednesday, sorta

As the Meezers would say, Crappity Crap Crap! Mommy likes that or "crap on a cracker". We aren't sure about eating crap on a cracker, tuna or chicken, sure. But anyways, mommy is very very sorry about being behind on the posting. Something about Organic and Gallbladders, who knows. She will try to get better at it!

now, on with the pictures!

Very Extreme Close Up!!

Yeah, okie, fine, I got a "pouch" wanna make something of it? Oh, and get this dang "torture device" off of me before I hack up something!


Temptation Loves to All!!!!