Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Toothy Tuesday

See me, great man-cat! This is my fearsome side (actually I got this shot when he was yawning).

This is how I got mommy to finally get a great man cat shot of me up on the blog. No more of
those wimpy cutesy sleeping cuddly shots.

Now if I can just let mommy allow me to find a girl
cat, all will be grand.

From mommy for the girl cats to compare. The "fearsome" mancat shot above, or the snuggly

cuddly one below?

We also offer up the come hither look for well, just to embarrasses the "great" man cat in the house.

We also want to thank Gypsy & Tasha who nominated us for a "Bloggers of the World" award. Our first!! And wowie we have only been blogging less than a month!! Thanks you guys so much!!!!

This award was originally created by Colin at Life. He said when he created it that all people had to do was link back to him as the original point of reference.

At the moment we can't think of any cat who hasn't gotten this yet but we will look and see if we can't find someone.

Temptation loves to all!!!


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Request, time almost up!

There is one blog in the long list that I read that honestly, I think more people need to find out about. A Place to Bark...and Meow is about Bernie Berlin and her joys and life running a dog rescue out of her house! They are non-profit, and are in the running for one of four $50,000 Network For Good grants being awarded during America's Giving Challenge.

This is late going up, but I will try to post more information tomorrow. As for now, the basics are.... for a min of $10 donation you would be helping Bernie become a top 4 winner. The group with the most donations wins. So lets go and help as many four legged family members as we can okie?

Thanks all!!!!



Well mommy amazed us today, or totally embarrassed us, we aren't sure. We mentioned that mommy has a bit too many blogs in her blog list, well today, we finally got around to visiting each furries blog that she has on the list! Some haven't been updated in a few months, and others we read but didn't comment on, sorry about that.

We will work better to comment and also we need to get the blogger of the world badge up on the sidebar tomorrow.

We are going to now hold a meeting debating if we need to have mommy committed for having that many kitty, woofie and other furries blogs on a list.

Temptation loves to all!


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Springy Saturday, and Sending Hope

Mommy tells us that spring is right around the corner. It was nice euff today that even DeeDee got brave and went outside!! Okie, it was only for 5 minutes, but that is 5 minutes more than she has been outside since October. Mommy even walked the woofie today, and she didn't need a winter coat and took her mittens off half way though the walk.

Mommy went to the flower show at the Cathedral today, and she took a ton of photos. She will not bore everyone with all the photos, but most of them, haha.

Here we go..........

And at the moment, that is all. Mommy is grumbling at her internet connection.

We want anyone who reads this to go and visit Charlie
He isn't feeling well and might have a V-E-T visit in the fugure. We hope he gets better soon!

Temptation loves to all!!!


Friday, January 25, 2008

A Donation Maybe?

We read that Tripper has a slight fur issue and that there are donations being taken to make him get through the tuff time while waiting for his fur to grow back in. Mommy furminated DeeDee tonight and this is what she got.

I have told mommy she needs to get more pictures of me on the blog, since ya know, my name is on here! The problem, I don't sleep with mommy, I sleep on the sofa and these two sleep with mommy. Mommy has tried to get me to sleep with them, but nope, not going to happen.

Temptation loves to all!!


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wondering Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

We were wondering and would like to hear opinions. We have both canned and pouched stinky goodness here. We really don't care what brand, well most of the time, we will eat most of it if we feel like it.

What we wanted to know is what do other kitties prefer? Canned or pouched? And if canned, how much a day do you get? We are not sure on if canned food once opened, does it go in the fridge or left out and with a plastic cover on it? We get about a fourth of a can at a time during the day, so can have anywhere from 1 to 2 cans a day depending on how hungry we are or how dried out and icky we can make the stinky goodness look, hehe.

Stinky goodness? You got it? Where? GIMMIE!!

Temptation loves to all!!


PS. Mommy says her del.icio.us bookmark for kitty blogs is at ummmmm...welll... almost 300! Mommy has no life at work, haha.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tribute & Tubby Tabby Tuesday

Hello kitties!!

It is getting a bit warmer here today, a whole 22 degrees out. Yippie!! Mommy did feel like the staypuff marshmallow man while walking the woofie in all of her layers but she was warm she said.

We were very sad to read about Caesar on Sunday and wish to add out thoughts to the ever growing list of friends that will miss Caesar. Mommy always thought he had a look about him that he was deep in thought and might let you know what he was thinking.

Tubby? I am not tubby! I am muscular and oddly proportioned! Come a bit closer and call me tubby!

Temptation loves to all!!


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ditzy Mommy

Sorry kitties and doggies!!!

Mommy forgot the password for our blog, grrr. Today it is really really cold here, the weatherbean says it is feels like THREE BELOW ZERO outside! BRR! We are all inside and sleeping today, mommy is running around doing Saturday things so she doesn't have to do them tomorrow cause she is going out tonight. We think she is silly to go out in the cold, but beans are always silly aren't they?

Mommy pulled out the flashy box yesterday and here is some of our amazingness captured for the world to see.

We will try to get mommy to post tomorrow!

Also, a big thanks to everyone who welcomed us to the catblogosphere! We will try to post more comments on the blogs we read, it is a big number. And we are still trying to figure out how to add all the blogs to a blogroll on here.

For now, lovely shots of the interlopers.

Trust me, that isn't fluff like what I have, that is chubby kitty!

See, this is my fluffyness.

Dexter's freckles.

Mommy also thinks somewhere in his shaddy past he might have a meezer for an great great something. Mommy thinks he has meezer ears. What do you think? He has really pointed ears and DeeDee and I have rounded ears. Mommy needs to get a life if she takes photos of ears, hehe.

Temptation loves to all!!!


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Got Lemons

So, mommy is going to borrow our blog and vent a bit....

or just toss hairballs at the university for :

losing her paycheck that had days before and after christmas shut down on them
not finding any backbone and calling her about the job she interviewed for with 4 different people
and was told she would hear tonight
for her current boss, who she loves, scheduling her with the witchy librarian and cutting her hours down

So warning now, this is honestly what should would like to do to the university. Sorry for any bean or puddies or anyone with a very uneasy tummy.

This is dexter from the summer doing what he does best.

Temptation loves to all!!


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Us, Addicts? Naaaa.....

Today was a free day for mommy, so she went and got some "stuff" ya know the good primo ohh my goddddd "stuff". It was on sale, so that was a good thing, but there were only 2 of them, and in a 3 kitty house, 2 isn't good! But some of us share, and one of us doesn't very well, so all is good.

Mommy's battery in the camera was dying so this is all she was able to get of us enjoying the "stuff". She also finally!! pulled out our fevers!! She has had them in the closet and always forgets to get them out. Now, we can destroy it and make her get a replacement, haha.

This is my perfect, 'move the flashy box or I will leave a bad "present" on the quilt' look. I have done it in the past, mommy knows that, that is why there is a sheet over the quilt.

So, on to the ohhh so primo NIP!! Mommy never bought me nip before, the grandbeans figured, the kitties won't play with that, why buy it. Pffttt, silly grandbeans! They said the same thing about Temptations, and yeah, we proved them wrong! haha! So, mommy was looking for the nip bananas and they were out of them, grr. First the woman thought we were looking for banana flavoured nip, eww bluckie! Mommy finally convinced them, no a toy shaped like a banana filled with nip...ohh...we are out. But we do have these candy canes from the same place, on sale. That was a key word, sale. Never can resist a sale mommy can't. So we got 2 nip candy canes!

"Must attack and rip apart"

Boots going in for the loot.

Now, this is how to spend a Tuesday!

One more action shot before the day is over.

And this, is why mommy has a sheet over the bed. She isn't sure exactly what the spot is, keep her guessing we will..hehe.

A technical note.... mommy isn't sure how to get everyone's blog links on the blog, she visits from her del.icio.us bookmark page from work. She really thinks people would think she was nuts if they knew exactly how many blogs by kitties and woofies and other furbabies that she reads.

Temptation loves to all!!!


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday Sleepings

Mommy found more interesting things to take photos of today. We think that photos of us napping and eating stinky goodness are very interesting. She had other thoughts.

This is what she took photos of today, it was in our space, eating our stuff! What we can't figure out is why mommy won't let us go after them when they are in our space. Evilll mommy...pfftttt.

We was wondering, are we the only kitties blogging from Nebraska? We can't be, can we? We know there are kitty bloggers in Iowa, so at least the midwest has some kitties in it.

Temptation loves to all!!


Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year, New Kitties!

Hello everyone!

Our mommy has been reading cat bloggies for ages now and she finally is giving us one, yippie!

Right now we are all sleeping, one of us got brave and is outside in the snow trying to find a bunny.

After our naps we will try to find something interesting to talk about. But for now, here are some pictures of us in warmer months.

This is me, the princess of the house, that is what my mommy says, I am pretty much spoiled and I deserve it!

These are the "Interlopers", DeeDee, the tiger, and Dexter, the ginger. More on why they are here later.

Oh, and we also have a woofie, if she can stay out of trouble we might let her post too. Her name is Freckles and here is one of her being bad to mommy. Look at that tongue! baddddd woofie!!!

Temptation loves to all!