Thursday, January 10, 2008

Got Lemons

So, mommy is going to borrow our blog and vent a bit....

or just toss hairballs at the university for :

losing her paycheck that had days before and after christmas shut down on them
not finding any backbone and calling her about the job she interviewed for with 4 different people
and was told she would hear tonight
for her current boss, who she loves, scheduling her with the witchy librarian and cutting her hours down

So warning now, this is honestly what should would like to do to the university. Sorry for any bean or puddies or anyone with a very uneasy tummy.

This is dexter from the summer doing what he does best.

Temptation loves to all!!



Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

It must of really cut into the holidays when the university lost your mommy's paycheck.

Did they finally find it?

TT said...

Welcome to the cat blogosphere guys!!

Oh no Dexter, did you scareds the tree rat dead?

Derby said...

Hello you guys! Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere. Yay for Dexter for getting what looks to be a chip monk!

At the wet spot from the other day? Gotta be nip drool.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Hi! I's Victor. I lif in Whiskonsin, not far frum Derby. I fink he's rite - lots of fun an nip makes us all drool. Dat's all it was, rite?

Mom says it's a good fing the werk week ain't more than 5 days cuz that's all she can take... and 2 days at home is enuf to send her back!


Kaz's Cats said...

Tough breaks for your mommy. You guys need to snuggle up and look after her when she is at home to give her the strength to go back to work. Oh, and Dexter, from two fellow professionals to another, nice work - we don't think we ever caught up with one of them and...uh, scared it to death, but we sure would like to,


Gypsy & Tasha

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Nice work Dexter! I like to hunt too, but mostly I catch rats and birds and sometimes a snake or two as these are most common around my house in Florida. I am sorry your mommy is having a cruddy time with her day hunting.

THE ZOO said...

Hi Boots and all. Niseta meet yoo. were sorry about yur werk. places is truly bad. and werk searchin aint no fun either.

brandi said...

My mama hates it when beans lose checks and stuff. They messed around with our benefits when mama was unemployed, and that was very scarey. And at Christmas time? That sounds nasty.

Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere. One of my mama's brothers lived in Lincoln, Nebraska yeaarrs and yeaarrs ago, and mama visited him. But that was Waaaaaaaaaaay before I was born.