Friday, March 21, 2008

Found Flashy Friday

Crap on a cracker!! Mommy got the flashy box out and stuffed it in our faces again. So, we thought we would give mommy a whole photoshoot of what should be deleted photos, but does she do that? Nooo...she gets back at us and makes us put them on our blog...grrr.

Our not movie worthy photos.... We are NOT ready for our closeup Mr. DeMille!

I mean it!! Look at those! She had to get a shot of me with my mouth opened! That is not lady like, and grr, she got my tarters in there! Does this mean I need a trip to the V-E-T?! dang mommy

Fine, okie lady. Ya got a shot of my toes, happy now? Now everyone knows I have cankles!! GRRRR. you are not scoring brownie points with us mommy!!!

Hey, I learned! Don't show the toes, the tail or the tummy when the flashybox is out. Look down, don't make eye contact, no sudden movements and she goes away, hehe

Temptation Loves to All!!!!!!!!!!!!



Eric and Flynn said...

Oh no!! We see yer tonsils!

Kimo & Sabi said...

Happy Friday - planned ignoring is a good strategy!

Poppy Q said...

Fanks for making my mum smile.

Happy Easter Bunny to you all.