Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tabby Tuesday

Hello!! It is my day, no more of my brother, today is about ME! Since it is too cold out, here are some photos mommy took of me when I used to be forced into this torture device when I was outside. Now, they let me out cause they trust that I won't leave the yard.

Mommy: She won't go farther than the mailbox cause she is afraid she might miss some kitty crack treats.

Out, out, out, out. WE WANT OUT!!

Roughage, is a good thing. Everyone needs some fiber.

A roll in the grass is a good thing!

Okie, pick me up and carry me back inside, I am ready for some stinky goodness and kitty crack.

Temptation Loves to All!!!!



Beethoven said...

You gets to go out! All those grass! What fun! I wish I could go out too. The Giant Kitty doesn't like outside though. He thinks outside is evil.

JB's Big World said...

Those are some great photos! I love the yawning action shot. Thanks for visiting me!

Willow said...

I don't want to go outside but I enjoyed watching you outside! The outside is too big for me since I've always been an inside-the-house cat!

Purrrrrrs, Willow

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Would that be the torture device known as a Harness? I lay down every time Bean put one on me and refuse to walk. I've also very good at getting out of them.

Mickey said...

You are so lucky to go outside.Look at all the grass!! I love eating grass. Mom usually picks me some :)
You look so happy :)
Purrs Mickey

Wrigley & Cobalt said...

Playing outside looks fun!! You are lucky you get to do that.